Themed Entertainment

While I enjoy the chance to work “beyond the berm,” creating new experiences for theme parks, museums, zoos, cruise ports, and other location-based entertainments is always a fascinating storytelling challenge. Here are a few of my favorite projects. NOTE: Project overviews are written respective of ongoing NDAs. 

Jungle Island 


Role: Lead Show Writer & Assistant Producer (IDEAS)

Client: ESJ Capital Partners

Project Overview: Since 1936, Jungle Island has entertained Miami locals and tourists with their famed flocks of colorful birds and charming landscaped environments. Now, nearly 90 years later, the NEW Jungle Island promises guests high adventure, close encounters with nature, a chance to let go and play, and exciting ways to learn about amazing creatures. As “Miami’s Adventure Oasis,” the park will deliver the new brand through revamped animal experiences, all-new water attractions, and a robust live entertainment portfolio. Set to reopen in Summer of 2022, the NEW Jungle Island will be a must-see destination for local families and tourists alike.


  • Developed concepts and early scripts for a new “animal adventure stage show” and animal-based atmospheric entertainment. 
  • Wrote new park backstory to guide park-wide architectural treatment and art direction. 
  • Collaborated with animal care providers to write design narratives for new animal enclosures. 
  • Created character IP to leverage in park entertainment and merchandise. 
  • Scripted parkwide signage and atmospheric audio. 
  • Worked with client leadership to develop new revenue-generating VIP experiences.  
  • Adapted creative concepts through feasibility studies and value engineering during schematic design and design development. 
  • Worked with client marketing team to write new brand architecture for Jungle Island. 
  • Developed new brand story and nomenclature for Joia Beach, an exclusive private beach club. 
  • Participated in early site surveys and walkthroughs to refine initial experience concepts. 
  • Assisted in leading client team through early blue sky session to define new creative conceit and experience offerings. 

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Korala Adventure Park

Role: Lead Show Writer (IDEAS)

Client: Park Adventures Group 

Project Overview:  A millennium ago, a violent hurricane wrecked a battered band of Viking seafarers on the north shores of the Dominican Republic. These castaways befriended the native Taino tribes, and together built an amazing civilization, dedicated to discovery on the high-seas. Now, frozen in time under the spell of the spirit El Baca, this long-lost village is a refreshing refuge, where today’s explorers come to set sail for their own seafaring epic, swing on vines through the treetops, relax amid tranquil Caribbean jungles, and carouse with piratical personalities. This is Korala Adventure Park.  


  • Led development of overarching park backstory and mythology.
  • Wrote concept narratives for rides, stage shows, atmospheric entertainment, dining experiences, and performance retail
  • Developed rich character IP to leverage in meet-and-greets, atmospheric entertainment , performance retail experiences, and stage show spectaculars. 
  • Wrote creative treatments for the park’s architectural elements. 
  • Created and maintained a “story bible” to manage consistency of worldbuilding and intertwining story arcs. 
  • Participated in initial blue sky sessions to define the creative conceit and attraction mix.
  • Conducted through historical and cultural research of Norse, Taino, and colonial civilizations.  
  • Assisted in adjusting and refining experience mixed based on physical topography of planned park site. 
  • Defined themed park and attraction nomenclature. 

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E-Ticket Rides for Evergrande Fairytale World

Image result for evergrande fairytale world

Role: Show Writer

Client: Zeitgeist Design & Production 

Project Overview: Welcome to Evegrande Fairtytale World, an enchanting fantasy theme park where tales old and new come alive before your eyes. In this timeless realm, you might rewrite history and join familiar legends of yore on their fabled journeys. Or, you might step into your own thrilling story, facing unknown perils in pursuit of fame, fortune, and fun! With adventures ranging from the whimsical to the harrowing, Evergrande Fairytale World welcomes everyone to become the hero of their own exciting story. 


  • Wrote high-level concept narratives and initial scripts for a 4D motion simulator and story coaster.
  • Developed storytelling and interactive gags for queue. 
  • Created set of characters to leverage in ride experiences and merchandise.
  • Researched Chinese folklore and narrative tradition.
  • Drafted high level show scene layout for ride & show buildings. 

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Atlanta Peace Icon


Role: Lead Show Writer (IDEAS)

Client: Atlanta Peace Icon, LLC 

Project Overview: From its origins as an industrial capital of the Old South, Atlanta has transformed into a 21st-century cosmopolis and innovation hub that beckons to talent of all colors and creeds. Amid a heated political climate of race-based protests, a team of Atlanta businesspeople, journalists, thought leaders, and citizens collaborated to transform a defunct industrial complex into a monument symbolizing the city’s inspiring devotion to peace, unity, and progress. Along with a towering visual element, the property will host a vibrant mixed-used entertainment destination with cultural attractions, performing arts, local dining, and immersive education experiences for all ages. 


  • Developed and wrote narratives for 5 different destination concepts. 
  • Wrote concept narratives for multiple attractions, including a dark ride, escape room, and an audience-driven live show around the theme of peace. 
  • Co-wrote and edited a comprehensive design brief prescribing creative and strategic approaches to executing the project.  
  • Conducted historical and cultural research about Atlanta and it’s notable peacemakers.
  • Collaborated with team to conceptualize visual treatments for the iconic monument. 
  • Facilitated a team comprised of client leadership and community stakeholders in blue sky exercises. 

Flight Works Alabama 

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 2.48.34 PM

Role: Show Writer (IDEAS)

Client: Airbus Mobile 

Project Overview: Flight Works Alabama is an immersive education center located on the property of Airbus’ Final Assembly Line in Mobile, AL. This immersive interactive experience welcomes school-aged children to experience the excitement and mechanical marvel of airplane design and manufacturing. Hands-on exhibits give budding engineers the chance to test aerodynamic aircraft designs, race against time to rivet a plane together, and even test fly an Airbus A320 in a training simulator. High school students and young can adults can come here to earn mechanical certifications that will help them secure high-paying jobs with Airbus. 


  • Scripted interactive tablet-based media for exhibit floor. 
  • Wrote themed educational copy for museum signage. 
  • Mocked-up animatics for exhibit video. 
  • Researched Airbus’ history and manufacturing process. 

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