Themed Entertainment

While my professional roots might be “beyond the berm,” creating new experiences for theme parks, museums, zoos, cruise ports, and other location-based entertainments is always a fascinating storytelling challenge. Here are a few of my favorite projects. NOTE: Project overviews are written respective of ongoing NDAs. 

Download samples of my themed entertainment work HERE

The Great Florida Road Trip at ICON Park – Orlando, FL

Artist: Brian Nutt

Role: Creative Director and Lead Show Writer 

Client: ICON Park

Project Concept: Meet the Flamingoes – Freddy, his wife Faye, and their two charming chicklets Francine and Felix. Join this feathered family as they pile into the old station wagon for a rollicking road trip to Florida’s classic attractions. Rolling down the road aboard The Wheel at ICON Park, guests will help these long-legged motorists make memories by capturing pictures of stops along the way for their scrapbook with their very own Photomatic Camera. The nostalgic kitsch of Old Florida comes to life in cartoonish post card-style depictions of beloved destinations like The Everglades, St. Augustine, Daytona Beach, and more! In this whimsical gamified travelogue through midcentury Florida, whoever snaps the most photos will receive an exciting prize to make their own vacation extra special.  


  • Directed the creative team for the first gamified themed experience aboard an observation wheel
  • Led development of story and character IP for the attraction. 
  • Wrote final production scripts for ride and pre-show media.  
  • Oversaw on-site installation of all show set elements, graphics, and ride media.
  • Collaborated with gaming vendors to integrate ride story with an experimental technology.  
  • Developed themed copy for queue graphics. 
  • Created initial concept treatments for the experience. 
  • Wrote themed employee spiels and operating guidelines. 
  • Worked with executive team to develop media rollout strategy. 
  • Advised the development of new themed employee costumes. 
  • Assisted producer in the selection and coordination of fabrication vendors.
  • Conducted in-depth research into Florida’s tourism industry. 
  • Successfully coordinated Test & Adjust and handoff.
  • Facilitated early blue sky efforts to define a vision for the project. 
  • Participated in press unveiling event. 

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Korala Adventure Parks – Mandal, Norway & Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Artist: Theron Langhorne

Role: Lead of Story Development and Lead Show Writer

Client: Park Adventures Group 

Project Concept:  Many millennia ago, at the dawn of Midgard, the Aegirsung Clan emerged as the mightiest, wisest, and most daring of the ancient Norse. Over centuries, these descendants of the sea god Aegir built a thriving trade empire that spread from their humble village in the forests of Norway to the shores of North Africa. Alas, the tumult of the Viking Age and subsequent rise of medieval kingdoms toppled the Aegirsung’s great civilization, forcing them to abandon their ancestral home in search of a new refuge for their traditional ways of life. These castoff Norsemen befriended the native peoples of the lands they visited and fused their traditions to build new villages dedicated to discovery on the high-seas. Frozen in time and lost to modernity, these long-lost civilizations have become secret havens for explorers eager to set sail for seafaring adventures, undertake ancient quests, discover lost secrets, and write their own names into legend.  This is Korala Adventure Park.  


  • Led the development of overarching backstory for two sister theme park locations in Norway and the Dominican Republic. 
  • Wrote concept narratives and scripts for more than two dozen rides, stage shows, atmospheric entertainments, immersive dining experiences, and performance retail opportunities tailored to each park’s respective audience and cultural setting.  
  • Authored and maintained a story bible to manage consistency of worldbuilding.
  • Created a robust IP of 50 original characters with intersecting story arcs. 
  • Developed rich entertainment program leveraging the park’s IP in meet-and-greets, streetmosphere, performance retail experiences, and stage show spectaculars. 
  • Collaborated with artists and architects to define both parks’ architectural styles. 
  • Participated in initial blue sky sessions to define the creative conceit and attraction mix.
  • Conducted thorough historical and cultural research into Norse, Taino, and colonial civilizations.  
  • Assisted in adjusting and refining experience mixed based on physical topography of planned park site. 
  • Defined park and attraction nomenclature. 

Read more about this project HERE. 

Jungle Island – Miami, FL

Artist: Cindy White

Role: Lead Show Writer, Lead of Story Development, & Assistant Producer

Client: ESJ Capital Partners

Project Concept: Since 1936, Jungle Island has entertained Miami locals and tourists with their famed flocks of colorful birds and charming landscaped environments. Now, nearly 90 years later, the NEW Jungle Island promises guests high adventure, close encounters with nature, a chance to let go and play, and exciting ways to learn about amazing creatures. As “Miami’s Adventure Oasis,” the park will deliver the new brand through revamped animal experiences, all-new water attractions, and a robust live entertainment portfolio. The NEW Jungle Island will be a must-see destination for local families and tourists alike.


  • Developed concepts and early scripts for a new animal adventure stage show and animal-based atmospheric entertainment. 
  • Wrote new park backstory to guide park-wide architectural treatment and art direction. 
  • Collaborated with animal care providers to write design narratives for new animal enclosures. 
  • Created character IP to leverage in park entertainment and merchandise. 
  • Scripted parkwide signage and atmospheric audio. 
  • Worked with client leadership to develop new revenue-generating VIP experiences.  
  • Adapted creative concepts through feasibility studies and value engineering during schematic design and design development. 
  • Worked with client marketing team to write new brand architecture for Jungle Island. 
  • Developed new brand story and nomenclature for Joia Beach, an exclusive private beach club. 
  • Participated in early site surveys and walkthroughs to refine initial experience concepts. 
  • Assisted in leading client team through early blue sky session to define new creative conceit and experience offerings. 

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Evergrande Fairytale World – Kaifeng, China

Image Source: IDEATTACK

Role: Show Writer

Client: Zeitgeist Design & Production 

Project Concept: Welcome to Evegrande Fairtytale World, an enchanting fantasy theme park where tales old and new come alive before your eyes. In this timeless realm, you might rewrite history and join familiar legends of yore on their fabled journeys. Or, you might step into your own thrilling story, facing unknown perils in pursuit of fame, fortune, and fun! With adventures ranging from the whimsical to the harrowing, Evergrande Fairytale World welcomes everyone to become the hero of their own exciting story. 


  • Wrote high-level concept narratives and initial scripts for a 4D motion simulator and story coaster.
  • Developed storytelling and interactive gags for queue. 
  • Created set of characters to leverage in ride experiences and merchandise.
  • Researched Chinese folklore and narrative tradition.
  • Drafted high level show scene layout for ride & show buildings. 

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Flight Works Alabama -Mobile, AL

Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at 2.48.34 PM

Role: Show Writer

Client: Airbus Mobile 

Project Concept: Flight Works Alabama is an immersive education center located on the property of Airbus’ Final Assembly Line in Mobile, AL. This immersive interactive experience welcomes school-aged children to experience the excitement and mechanical marvel of airplane design and manufacturing. Hands-on exhibits give budding engineers the chance to test aerodynamic aircraft designs, race against time to rivet a plane together, and even test fly an Airbus A320 in a training simulator. High school students and young adults can come here to earn mechanical certifications that will help them secure high-paying jobs with Airbus. 


  • Scripted interactive tablet-based media for exhibit floor. 
  • Wrote themed educational copy for museum signage. 
  • Mocked-up animatics for exhibit video. 
  • Researched Airbus’ history and manufacturing process. 

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