Brand Activations

Brand is more than just a logo, it is an organization’s reason for existing. It also defines the framework for how a company interacts with its stakeholders. Activation means inviting audiences INTO a brand, in physical space or cyberspace, to acquaint them with its underlying stories, qualities, and promises in memorable and impactful ways. These are some of the most exciting brands I’ve helped bring to life. NOTE: Project overviews are written respective of ongoing NDAs.

ICON Park Rebrand

Role: Lead Copywriter

Client: ICON Park

Project Overview: In 2018, ICON Park, launched a major rebranding effort to establish itself as a signature Orlando destination. To establish a new brand, the park would need to consolidate its disparate offerings of third-party attractions, restaurants, and retail locations into a cohesive, interconnected experience. The central attraction, a 400-ft. observation wheel, also required on-brand show enhancements to make an otherwise lackluster ride experience more entertaining. Central to the success of the new brand was animating ICON Park’s market presence with a new web-based marketing campaign.


  • Wrote two new audio shows for The Wheel’s cabin experience: one for guests, one for field trip groups.
  • Directed and wrote content for a weekly, SEO-driven blog for over a year and a half.
  • Scripted on-brand, web-based video content.
  • Developed reopening messaging after COVID-19 closure.
  • Created at-home brand activations during COVID-19 closure.
  • Participated in early blue sky sessions to define new brand and experiences.
  • Contributed new nomenclature for property brand and attractions.

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Selected Work Samples: 

Blog- The Giants are Coming: ICON Park’s Slingshot & Drop Tower 

Blog- ICON Park Salutes First Responders

Blog- A Game of I Spy Aboard The Wheel

Blog- Introducing… The Museum of Illusions

Video- Your Safety Starts With Us

The Hess Pinnacle


Role: Show Writer, Content Manager, & Assistant Producer

Client: Hess Corporation

Project Overview: To make known Hess’ strong local presence at 23rd World Petroleum Congress in Houston, the company demanded an innovative show floor booth starkly different from its competitors. Rather than boasting about its cutting edge technologies or international reach, Hess desired to tell the stories of how its employees are imagining the future of energy. The final experience was anchored by an interactive video spire that broadcast crowdsourced questions. Hess staff then circulated around the booth to engage guests on their queries.


  • Wrote and pitched concept narratives for overall booth experiences.
  • Worked with client to adapt the final experience through pandemic-induced delays and budget cuts.
  • Co-wrote interactive video content and web-based copy for booth media.
  • Created protocol and scripts for booth employee interaction.
  • Assisted in directing the installation and operation of the booth.
  • Managed interactive video spire content through the course of the event.
  • Defined important story points and wrote new Hess brand story to inform the creative direction of show floor booth.
  • Collaborated with artists to advise multiple iterations of conceptual and schematic design of booth.
  • Conducted research of Hess’ corporate history and values to inform overall design narrative.
  • Assisted in leading Hess executives through early blue sky exercises to define creative conceit.

Crandon Park 75th Anniversary


Role: Writer

Client: Miami-Dade County Parks & Recreation

Project Overview: Nestled on the shores of Key Biscayne, Crandon Park is a picturesque natural respite from the bustle of Miami. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of this local treasure, Miami-Dade County’s Parks & Recreation team sought to plan a calendar of new live events as well as some legacy improvements to the park experience. While the unspoiled shorefronts, nature areas, and professional sporting facilities provided a lot of entertainment opportunity,  the park’s longstanding masterplan presented challenges around art, music, and food that mandated creative event design solutions.


  • Wrote concept narratives for multiple live events, atmospheric entertainments, and attractions respecting a restrictive legacy masterplan.
  • Authored new brand story for the park to lend creative direction for event planning and marketing.
  • Co-wrote full design brief presenting creative solutions and prescribing an implementation MO.
  • Researched Crandon Park and Miami history to integrate into cultural storytelling-based activations.
  • Assisted in facilitating blue sky exercises for Miami-Dade Parks & Rec leadership and stakeholders.

Give Kids the World Rebrand

Image result for give kids the world

Role: Writer

Client: Give Kids the World

Project Overview: Give Kids the World is a national not-for-profit devoted to making the vacation wishes of critically ill children come true. It is also a world-class, completely handicap accessible resort complete with rides, events, and characters. In response to changes in Orlando’s theme park landscape, GKTW launched an internal effort to enhance its own on-site experience for children and their family. This demanded a reassessment of the organization’s time honored brand, experiential offerings, and legacy IP.


  • Redeveloped existing character IP with enhanced backstory to leverage in GKTW’s character performer program, media collateral, and marketing material.
  • Wrote a new brand story to provide creative direction for experiential enhancement.
  • Participated in audit of GKTW Village guest experience to identify areas of needed improvement.
  • Facilitated blue sky exercises for executives and staff to define new creative and experiential concepts for GKTW Village.

One Lagoon Social Media Activation

Role: Lead Copywriter & Content Strategist

Client: Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program

Project Overview: As part of the activation strategy for its new brand, the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program based in Sebastian, FL undertook a reimagining of its social media presence. They transformed their stagnant channels from a repository of academic data with interactive content designed to raise awareness, affinity, and widespread responsibility for environmental issues facing the estuary along Florida’s east coast. This effort required the creation of a new content strategy, built heavily on establishing a clear, relatable voice across all platforms and diversifying content to include graphics, video, and live interface with users. After the initial strategy was established and implemented, the IRLNEP honed their approach to conduct issue-focused campaigns to drive community action.


  • Created and co-directed a new integrated social media content strategy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Established new brand voice for the IRLNEP across social media platforms.
  • Developed and implemented regionally targeted social media campaign based on paid and organic exposure.
  • Wrote daily social media posts for all platforms.
  • Interacted with users and responded to comments and private messages in real time.
  • Scripted series of eight 15-second OLV advertisements.
  • Designed social media graphics.
  • Planned and executed a regular content calendar.
  • Provided client with insight to improve content quality and post performance.

Selected Work Samples: 

One Lagoon Facebook 

One Lagoon Twitter

One Lagoon Instagram