What I Do

Every brand has a story. In the DNA of every story lies incalculable potential to connect with peoples’ identities, needs, and dreams. In a world where audiences are increasingly inured to passive advertising, there is one storytelling avenue that all modern brands must master:  EXPERIENCES. That’s where I come in.

I know how to tell stories. Writing is how I do it. But the impact of my work doesn’t stop with the written words of a concept narrative or script. It transfigures brand stories into engaging experiences from themed attractions and live entertainment to interactive exhibits and digital immersions. Whatever your brand , I know how to craft strategic, creatively optimal experiences to tell your story.

My work invigorating brands spans themed entertainment, hospitality, corporate enterprise, government, and performing arts; but I am always looking to push the frontiers of what I do to engage, enchant, and enhance the lives of new audiences. 

So without further ado, let the story begin…


Clients Served:

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And that’s just for starters!