Who I Am


Greetings! I’m Jared Wells, one of Indiana’s few exports that isn’t corn-based. After a halcyon upbringing in the Midwest, I sought to broaden my prospects at Ball State University, where I developed and completed a new degree called Narrative Brand Promotions.

Upon graduation, I sought work in Orlando’s thriving themed entertainment industry. My body of work has encompassed everything from  theme park attraction design narratives to live show scripts to corporate brand stories, and continues to expand daily. Currently, I am a Senior Writer and Content Specialist for the Disney-born brand and experience design firm IDEAS.

I am a fervent believer in story as a problem-solving paradigm. My work relies on proven narrative techniques like character development and worldbuilding to formulate real-world design solutions. Whatever the project, I am a tireless advocate for the audience, always seeking to create experiences that appeal to their physical, intellectual, and emotional delights.

In my burgeoning career, I have worked on projects in China, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, and all across the United States. Serving clients that range from Fortune 500 companies to fresh entrepreneurs, I have garnered experience across many industries, business models, and budgets. If you’ve got a tale, I can help tell it in memorable, visceral ways.

If you’ve got fifteen minutes to kill and would like to learn a little more about who I am and how I contemplate story, experience, and the enigma of human creativity, check out my contributions to the IDEAS On blog.  And if you survive that you should definitely give me a call…

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